Daw Wint War Oo


ဒေါ်ဝင့်ဝါဦး (Daw Wint Wah Oo)


Postal Address: 





No.(756), Middle Khaing Shwe War Street, 7 East Quarters, Thaketa Township, Yangon, Myanmar



Biography:                  She had Bachelor of Science in Physics from East Yangon University in 2012. And also completed Master of Science degree and Master of Research degree in Physics from EYU in 2016 and 2017. She had presented both thesis works and thesis papers. Her research titles were concerning with the electronic field.

Academic Qualifications

B.Sc(Q:), M.Sc, MR.es

MR.es. in Physics, East Yangon University, Myanmar, 2017

M.Sc. in Physics, East Yangon University, Myanmar, 2016.

B.Sc. (Q) in Physics, East Yangon University , Myanmar, 2012.

Academic Dissertation

– Master Dissertation: “Binary to Hexadecimal Converter Circuit”, M.Sc, 2016

– Master of Research Dissertation: “Three Dimensional Animation Effects on Cubic LED Display Utilizing Peripheral Interface Controller”, MRes, 2017

Professional Experience

– The University of Computer Studies, Taunggyi (as a Tutor)