Faculty of Computer Systems & Technologies (FCST)


Dr. Nang Kathi Hlaing
Head of FCST

U Zaw Myint Naing Oo
Associate Professor
Daw San San Myint
Daw Thin Thin Mar
Daw Nang Nwe Ying Saing
Dr. Hsu Mon Maung
Assistant Lecturer
U Thae Maung
Assistant Lecturer
Daw Thinn Thinn Phyu
Assistant Lecturer
U Soe Yan Naung

Daw Thandar Htwe

Offer Subjects

Subject CodeField of Study
CST-101Principles of Information Technology and Digital Fundamentals I 
Computer Application
CST-203Digital Fundamentals II and Advanced Data Structure
CT-205Computer Application II and Digital Fundamentals II 
Web Programming
CT-206Electrical Circuits I
CT-301Computer Organization and Assembly 
Operating System
CT-303Data and Computer Communication and Computer Networking
CT-304Electronic I
CT-305Linear Control System I
Computer Architecture I
CT-306Electrical Circuit II
Assembly Language
CT-403Introduction to Micro controllers and Introduction to Embedded System
CT-404Computer Architecture II
CT-405Computer System II and Cryptography
CT-406Data and Computer Communications II
Computer Security
CST-502Distributed Computing System and Advanced Networking
CT-503Fuzzy Logic
CT-504Embedded Systems Network Security
CT-505Digital Signal Processing 
Image Processing and Computer Vision